Instructional Design

Instructional Design is the systematic development of instructional specifications using learning and instructional theory to ensure the quality of instruction.

Characteristics of Top-Tier Instructional Designers

  1. Be learner focused and hold learners in the highest regard.

  2. Be passionately learning focused and thrive on curiosity.

  3. Consider the neuroscience of learning.

  4. Accommodate diversity and unique needs to provide an inclusive, and engaging learning experience.

  5. Incorporate scenarios, case studies, and other pragmatic stories to connect with the learner emotionally.

  6. Build rich opportunities for high levels of student interaction and engagement in learning designs.

  7. Maintain a keen eye for detail and have exemplary visualization skills.

  8. Communicate clearly, both orally and in writing.

  9. Write appealing content, instructional design text, audio scripts, and video scripts.

  10. Develop learning content based on Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences and Adult Learning Theory.

  11. Demonstrate high levels of imagination, creativity, innovation, and design thinking.

  12. Possess outstanding analytical skills.

  13. Know the proficiencies of eLearning tools and software and be technologically savvy.

  14. Be open-minded and embrace multiple perspectives.

  15. Continuously improve.

Work Samples

This is an overview of work samples from various projects I have worked on.

Learning Guide

Meet Addie 

I wrote a learning guide about ADDIE that I incorporated into my Instructional Design program.

Meet ADDIE.jpg

Adult Learning Models for Learning Specialists: Love Your Beautiful Brain

I wrote this learning guide for learning specialists. 

Learning Specialists Guide.jpg

Course Descriptions

These are course descriptions for my accredited Instructional Design Certificate Program. I have certified over 30 people in my Instructional Design Certificate Program.

Sample Job Aids and Other Instructional Materials

I designed these various work samples in my work for universities and companies across the U.S. I have recorded and edited over 2000 voiceovers as a voiceover artist. I am knowledgeable, proficient, and love this work.